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The region’s first vape shop opens in Ternat

The first vape shop in the region will open its doors in Ternat on Saturday. Anthony De Mey and Lizzy Pairoux sell an extensive range of electronic cigarettes and liquids. “Thanks to the e-cigarette, I managed to quit smoking myself,” says Anthony.

Chocolate shop Valentino used to be run on the corner of Statiestraat and Keizerstraat, but a vape shop will now open at that location on Saturday. That is a shop where you can buy electronic cigarettes and accompanying liquids with different flavors. Despite the boom of the e-cigarette, Pure Vape is the very first vape shop in the area.

Fan of vaping

The idea came from Anthony De Mey, who is a huge fan of vaping himself. “The e-cigarette has made me stop smoking cigarettes,” he says. “I used to be a real chain smoker. In a week I spent at least fifty euros on cigarettes, but at a certain moment I tested an electronic cigarette. In the end I kept using it. Since then I have never felt like a regular cigarette again.” 

According to Anthony, an e-cigarette is a lot healthier than the regular cigarette. “You don’t smoke anymore, but you vape. Buy E liquids online at, is cheap. Your device contains a liquid substance, a liquid, which gives off a taste of your choice.”

“You can determine the amount of nicotine ingested yourself, but it does not contain all the tar and other carcinogenic substances that you find in an ordinary cigarette. As an addicted smoker, you still get your nicotine, but the other harmful substances stay away,” says Anthony.

He also believes that those who like the taste of a regular cigarette can enjoy an e-cigarette. “There are liquids with a tobacco flavour, but also with a dessert, fruit or cocktail flavour. Mojito, tiramisu, crème brûlée, licorice or anise. You name it and we have it.”

The e-cigarettes vary in price. “You can already find high-quality devices from thirty euros,” says Lizzy Pairoux. “Of course you can also buy copies of three hundred euros. There are even e-cigarettes with a built-in touchscreen or made with leather.”


According to Anthony and Lizzy, Pure Vape has a chance to be successful: “We live in Schepdaal and already have to go to Brussels or Aalst to buy liquids. E cigarettes Ecigmarketxl.comfor more information. That’s why we decided to open our own shop. We often queue in that Brussels store to buy something, because e-cigarettes are already really popular. Moreover, we want to offer a good service to help people on the right path. If you don’t find the right device, you are more likely to reach for a classic cigarette again. We want to avoid that by immediately providing the right device, together with the right advice,” says De Mey.