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FIFA 21: What To Expect Of The Career Mode?

Electronic Arts has published a long pitch note detailing the new features for the career mode in FIFA 21. It will be one of the focal point of the game when it launches. In FIFA 21 the players will have almost total control of their career. The Interactive Match Simulation will make you feel like a real football manager. You can manage your team tactics and hop in to take control of your team when needed. The simulated matches will take place at twice the normal speed. The user interface will give you information about your team fitness and other critical stats.

The game will assist you by handling details like the kit selection. That will make the game less tedious in certain regards. They will introduce a new Player Development system. Your players will earn XP by performing certain actions during the matches. You can chose the stats and attributes that will benefit from the XP. The goal is to let you build your team as you see fit. Factors like age, abilities, potential, form, and playtime will affect the way your players evolve. You can even convert your players to a new position.

The Active Training system will allow you to plan training sessions for your team. You can set a training menu with different drills for each player. The drills will have a cost in fitness, but will reward you with a better match sharpness. The sharpness stat will determine how well your players will perform during actual matches. They will get bonuses to certain stats like positioning, finishing, ball control and shot power if their sharpness reaches 100 (the maximum value). If the sharpness reaches 0, those stats will be reduced.

The new Player Feedback System will give you a clear overview of your player sharpness and morale. You will have total control of your team schedule via a calendar. That will allow you to balance your team’s fitness and sharpness as well as their morale. The career mode for FIFA 21 will also introduce new transfer options. They will mirror real life transfer options.

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