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FIFA 21: Pro Club Analysis

Electronic Arts has released a Deep Dive patch note about Pro Club. They know that the fans are waiting for a better version of one of the best game modes in the franchise history. Electronic Arts only release deep dive patch notes for the most important aspects of the game. We have already covered most of them in previous articles. Namely,Volta Football, the Career mode, FIFA ultimate team and the gameplay patch notes. It is interesting to see how they intend to improve the mode after FIFA 20.

First EA has announced that they intend to use the community feedback in order to offer a better experience for the fans. The first new feature in the note is the AI Player Customization. In terms of gameplay, it will allow you to customize, the appearance and gear of the AI controlled players of your team. Only the club managers will have the possibility to personalize the AI like that. The other members of the club can see what the manager is doing and give their feedback in order to obtain better results.

The club managers will also have the ability to create and customize their tactics. You can save up to five preset tactics. Each tactic has five game plans, Ultra Defensive, Defensive, Balanced, Attacking, Ultra Attacking that the manager can also customize. That will allow the managers to have better control over their AI teammates’ actions during the matches. You will be able as a manager to give specific instructions to the AI players in order to ensure that they conform to the game plan. The preset allow you to adapt to different situations.

It looks like the Pro Club will only get customization improvement. However, as we said in the beginning of this article, the Pro Club is a fan favorite. It is understandable that Electronic Arts prefers not to mess with a winning formula. We will see if the fans appreciate that timid approach after the game launches. U7buy offers FUT 21 coins and players at the best prices to help you build the ultimate team and beat the others.