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Visit some of the most immersive places in Cancún

Cancún is a great destination for a lot of people, and you can easily see why. Being able to explore so many beaches and also enjoying a rich history of this region is just a starting point. There are also a variety of amenities, activities and great food to keep you occupied for hours and hours. Some of the places are best visited by car, so don’t forget to rent a car when your are on site. Which makes you wonder, where should you go in Cancún?

Mayan Ruins

If you go to Cancun, it makes a lot of sense to explore Chichen Itza and the beautiful mayan ruins. You will like these quite a bit because they are imposing and different, yet at the same time full of history. They look amazing and it’s definitely a good idea to check them out for yourself and just have fun for a change.

Cancun Underwater Museum

Even if this is one of the more unusual places to visit, the Cancun Underwater Museum is very diverse, it comes with 500+ sculptures found underwater and there are 2 major galleries that you can check out. It’s unlike anything you will see here, and you will surely appreciate its view and features.

Cancun beaches

There are a variety of amazing beaches in Cancun, it all comes down to finding one that you really enjoy and appreciate more than you imagine. Delfines, Tortugas, Mool Beach and the Playa Forum are all great beaches in Cancun, and you will find them incredibly easy to reach. Some can be crowded, so it makes a bit of sense to do some due diligence.

Cancun Scenic Tower

What we love about the Cancun Scenic Tower is the fact that it has great views of the coast and the region itself. Having a 3660-degree view of the region is amazing and you will find it unlike anything else out there. The ride up takes 5 minutes, but it’s well worth it.

Isla Mujeres Day Trip

You can go from Cancun to the Isla Mujeres, a very popular island that looks amazing, thanks to the astounding bays and rocky coast. It’s always exciting to visit all that the region has to offer, and you will be incredibly impressed with the features and unique benefits.

Isla Contoy

Another island you can reach with ease from Cancun is Isla Contoy. This island is different when compared to others, but still visually astounding and it continues to stand out of the crowd as one of the top islands out there thanks to the beautiful sea turtles and 100+ bird species.

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