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Upcoming music genres

Music is something that can entertain everyone on a daily basis. At work, at home or in public, music is played everywhere. It plays a very important role in many lives. One person likes to listen to pop music, while another is happy with Dance music. There are numerous genres from all over the world that people listen to. We know the most popular genres, but what are the upcoming music genres that you must have heard? In this article we highlight some music styles that have gained a lot of popularity in recent years or are making a real comeback. 


The genre Jazz has been listened to on this globe for some time now, but has been declining in popularity in recent years. However, jazz is making quite a comeback. Jazz is originally an improvisational music style with West African rhythms. You can say that jazz is a very energetic dance. Jazz is characterized by wind instruments, loose rhythms and lots of improvisation. You can say that when you hear Jazz you hear very cheerful music.

Vocal samples

Vocal samples are not a genre in itself, but are very much used in upcoming music genres. Vocal samples are very easy to mix in your new track and give the producer a lot of inspiration. In addition, you can use a vocal sample as a finish in touch for your project. Producers often use a vocal sample pack to perfect their track.

Moombahton samples

Moombahton is a fusion of the genres reggaeton and house. It is a relatively young genre, but in recent years it has become indispensable in the music world. The influences of this genre can be heard in many other genres and songs. Producers of moombahton tracks often use moombahton sample packs to produce the next hit. 


Techno dates back to the 1980s and is a popular movement in dance music. This style of music is often found at festivals and clubs. A techno song is characterized by minimal changes in the fast bass lines. This genre is mainly popular among young people.

Tropical house

Tropical house is a movement in electronic dance music. Tropical house songs have a beachy vibe produced with computers and electronic devices. Since the production of Electronic Dance Music, this genre has gained tremendous popularity. The tracks use steel drums, guitar chords, pan flutes, and marimba.

Different subgenres of Rock are making a comeback

Rock was the music genre in the 1950s that everyone listened to. However, we can say that rock’s glory years are behind it. In contrast, “softer” music styles are much more popular. Sub-genres such as alternative rock and indie rock have gained a lot of popularity and are listened to by many people every day.

Last but not least: Rhythm & Blues 

Rhythm & Blues, also known as R&B, comes from the 1940s. After the 1970s, this music genre declined in popularity, but in recent decades R&B has made a real comeback. Top charts are filled with songs that contain R&B influences.