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Suitable rental software for AV & Event companies

Don’t you have a good overview of all products, how many products are available, where they are located and how many are in repair? Then it’s a good idea to have a look at Rentman’s rental software. Within a company it is important that everything is clear and that everyone has access to the right information. This is possible with the Cloud rental software, where everything suddenly is more organized. Curious about the possibilities? Continue reading.

Rental software of Rentman

The Rentman software is suitable for large and small rental companies. What is your goal within the company? Do you need the productivity to be improved? Based on these questions, you can decide which software suits you best. Make a choice between management, planning, communication and track and you can choose the appropriate software. CRM, material management, project management, material planning, crew and transport planning, collaboration and warehouse management are just a few examples of the software that might be useful for your company.

The advantage of the software

The online rental software for the AV and events sector offers many advantages. Everything becomes a lot clearer because all information is stored in one system. This information is stored in the Cloud, so the information can be used on different devices at different locations. This is very useful, because it also allows you to share the information with your team, so that everyone knows what needs to be done. The collaboration is thus improved, which in turn affects productivity.


Do you need more information, or do you have some questions about the software? The dedicated support team strives to answer most questions within an hour and always within a day.