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Solids Solutions, solutions for product development

The development of medicines or other industrial products is very close. Dosage and composition must be exactly right for the desired effect. This can cause you to get stuck at some point in the development process. Specialised knowledge is then often required. For this you can contact Solids Solutions in Delft. We deal with powder and particle technology and carry out extensive research into this. In addition, you can follow courses and attend seminars with us in this field.

Calculate BET surface area

Do you need specific information about the surface area of a solid? Then at Solids Solutions we can perform a BET analysis. By means of gas that is adsorbed in the material, the BET surface can be calculated. In most cases nitrogen is most suitable for this, but this depends on the material to be analysed. We use various techniques to carry out the BET analysis as accurately as possible. In this way we can not only calculate the surface area, but also the pore size and porosity of the substance if necessary.

Perform particle size analysis

Powders are the basis of many products and materials in various industries. An important aspect here is the size of the grains, or particles. An incorrect size can result in the powders not mixing properly. This has a negative influence on the functioning of a product and that is why Solids Solutions performs a particle size analysis. This enables us to determine where the problem lies and come up with a solution. Other properties of the particles are also analysed. In addition, you can come to us for the analysis of droplet size, for example for an optimal functioning of certain sprays. Are you stuck in the development of a product, or are you interested in a specific course? Feel free to contact us for more information.