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Need a Dutch Voice-over?

Netherland is today believed to have more than 17 million active voices. But when you have an upcoming production, you’ll need to ensure that you find the person most capable of doing a Dutch voice over. This is someone who can sound enthusiastic, personal, or even tough, depending on the nature of your production.

From the millions of voices available, you have to select one, just one to put behind your studio microphone. It’s commonly believed that a youthful male voice makes for an excellent match, mainly when your production involves producing a web or commercial video. A perfect way to go about making your pick is by listening to past commercials.

Looking for a Native Dutch Speaker?

Sander, from, is a professional Dutch voice-over artist with over fourteen years of experience in the industry. He can record all productions from his home studio and self-edit before sending the final copy to you for approval. His voice can be found in tens of web and video commercials posted online.

Where time allows, Sander can work around the available delivery timelines and send you a complete project within a few hours. If you like, he can provide you with a custom demo beforehand, more so if you’re working with a short deadline. Such demos are great when you require a demo or have to hand in an assignment urgently.

Voice Actor

Working in the industry has allowed him enough exposure that makes him sound fresh and enthusiastic. All you have to do is think about how you would like your new corporate movie or commercial to sound like, and then picture him doing it. He has worked with a wide array of clients that has helped him gain experience.

Your assignment will benefit significantly from his exposure, talent, and experience, ensuring you end up with a good result. You can trust him to do what’s best for your service or product.