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Mr Joy: Advisor to all things vaping

Does vaping sound interesting to you? E-cigarettes are a common tool to get people to refrain from smoking due to the ability to manage how much nicotine goes inside the vape fluid. However, as a beginner, getting into vaping will be new and confusing. This is why getting advice on all things vaping from specialists like Mr Joy is useful. Find various handy tips and information that you can use in this blog! 

What you need to know about e-smoking


When you e-smoke, you are vaporizing and inhaling a type of liquid called ‘e-liquid’. E-liquids come in many different types of flavors ranging from tobacco to fruity tastes. An electrical wire called a coil is powered by the e-cigarette’s battery, the coil heats up the e-liquid for it to be vaporized. Once the liquid is evaporated you can inhale it. A variety of ingredients are used for the e-liquid that make up not only the flavor of the vape but can hold the nicotine as well. 

Here are the components of an e-cigarette:


– The battery: E-cigarettes operate on batteries. They can be reloaded as many times as you want.

– The e-liquid: This is the liquid that vaporizes in order for you to smoke and brings the scent and flavor of your e-cigarette. E-liquids have a multitude of different flavorings.


– Aroma: The aroma ensures that your e-liquid has the preferred flavor. To create new tastes it is possible to mix aromas.


– Coil: Inside the e-cigarette, there’s an electrical wire, that is the coil. This heats up the e-liquid.

You can find out more details about the parts of an e-cigarette and how exactly do they work at Mr Joy. Any questions you may have about e-smoking they will be delighted to assist you and give you advice. Such as advice on the different kinds of e-liquids there are for you to pick from as well as the quantity of nicotine and PG/VG in it, and what sorts of e-cigarettes are available for your use. 


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Does e-smoking intrigue you? Are you curious about its possibilities? Check out Mr Joy’s website and contact their customer service for even more information. Either by phone or by email, their specialists are enthusiastic to help you. 


If you happen to be in Amsterdam you are also able to visit their onsite location to ask your questions and get advice and answers in person.