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Looking to sell IPv4s? Keep this in mind

At this point in time, all Internet Protocol version 4 addresses have been depleted. Back in 2019, the RIPE NCC announced that they have run out of IPv4 addresses. The only way for computers or other devices to communicate with each other through the internet is through IPv4, and it has been since the birth date of the internet. Now it’s been exhausted. Due to this, a transfer market for IPv4 addresses materialized. 

Organizations that have a great deal of IPv4 addresses that they aren’t finding any use for, are now selling them in bulk at prices that have been steadily climbing for years. Other organizations, or any other party, that are in need of IPv4 address space for one reason or another, are complying with these rates and buying them. If you are looking to sell some extra IPv4 you aren’t using, continue reading and learn what you need to keep in mind about this market.

What went wrong?

Internet Protocol version 4 was first established to the public in January 1983, this is considered the birthday of the internet. IPv4 is one of the main protocols for using internet for the regular public, Internet protocol was mainly used by the government. Once it was released to the public, a little more than 4 billion of these addresses were given out for free. This amount of IPv4 was thought to be enough for a lot longer than it was. It only took less than 30 years for those 4 billion IPv4 addresses to dissipate. 

Many blame the Internet of Things for the depletion. No one expected all the devices we have now to need their own IPv4 address as well due to needing the internet. 

How can you sell IPv4 addresses?

It’s not a surprise that many people are looking to sell their IPv4 addresses after learning how much many organizations are in need of them. In order to sell IPv4 addresses, you need a good understanding of this market. When selling IPv4 addresses, it takes a bit of time going through the process of transaction and the registration for transferring the ownership of the IPv4s. 

Getting an IP broker

Because IPv4 addresses have become a commodity, there are now brokers specialized in the market to mediate between the buyers and sellers. It is a smart decision to contact an IP broker if this will be your first time entering this market, it’s smart to do so even if it’s your 5th time. IP brokers have experience as well as a network full of clients willing to buy IPv4 addresses at once.