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Health insurance for foreign workers

As an employer, do you employ people from abroad? Then it is important that they take out Dutch health insurance. This also applies if they are already insured in their home country. Even employees who only temporarily come to work in the Netherlands are obliged to have health insurance here. At HollandZorg we understand that taking out healthcare insurance is not always easy. This can be particularly difficult for foreigners. That is why we have set up healthcare insurance for foreign workers. This makes it easier for both you and your employees to take out and terminate health insurance NL.

Taking out HollandZorg insurance

As a healthcare insurer, HollandZorg focuses specifically on people who come to the Netherlands to live and work as labour migrants. Whether this is temporary or for a longer period of time. We take the situation of foreign employees into account and have tailored our healthcare insurance accordingly. For example, we offer customer service in various languages and there is the option of temporarily terminating a health insurance policy. For example, if an employee returns to his home country for a certain period of time. If the employee takes family members with him or her to the Netherlands, they can also be insured with HollandZorg.

Advantages of insurance for foreign nationals

HollandZorg healthcare insurance for foreign nationals entails benefits, both for the employee and for you as an employer. For example, you have the option of taking out health insurance for your employees and you may be able to apply for care benefit directly. The employer portal gives you insight into the healthcare administration. Here you can also register and unsubscribe employees. We ensure that everything is arranged quickly. In addition, you will have a permanent contact person with us, so that you do not get someone else on the line with customer service every time. That’s nice, and personal.