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Fully automatic machine for the production of pre-stretched film

As the only company in Poland, we have developed a technology for the production of pre-stretch film for very thin cardboard cores. Stretch pre-stretching is performed by means of special rewinding motorized machines, which include: stretch rewinders with two winder heads and manual winders. Stretch rewinder is used when producing short runs from 50 to 400 meters without printing and can be used to make up multiple films on one roll. Stretch pre winding machine is controlled PLC system with touch screen. Manually operated Stretch Rewind Machine has two spools jointed at 90 degrees angle; it is equipped with hydraulic pressing system that presses film ontothe roll. Stretch machine is controlled by PLC system with touch screen that allows easy operation and quick change of winds or cores during production. Stretch Rewinder is available in two versions, for core dia 26 mm or 46 mm. Stretch rewinding machines fully meet European standards for the recycling of valuable materials and we can also provide our Stretch Rewinders according to your own requirements, e.g: material width (20mm – 150mm), length (up to 5000m) and frequency control system up to 12 cycles per minute etc….

The core used should not be rigid but flexible so that it allows stretching the film tightly around it without tearing it apart when winding the film onto a spool using Stretch Reel Machine. Stretch rewinders are used to produce Stretch film on the following types of cores:

– Stretch pre-stretching for thin cardboard cores (16 – 40 gsm)

– Stretch pre winding machine (two heads, adjustable frequency between 0.6 and 5 rpm)

The Stretch Reel Machine can be used in various fields of industry. The most sought after Stretch Rewinder is a Stretch Rewinding Machine which is widely applied in Pharmaceutical Industry, Food Industry, Fertilizer Industry, Energy Sector. There we can find Stretch Rewinders with two Core Heads operating alternately. These machines have been designed specially for continuous production without any breaks during the day or over night and ensure top quality of each produced film strip by speeding up the production process.