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Frigo Group Transport's modes of transport: freezer transport, refrigerated transport and more

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your transport needs? Frigo Group Transport offers a wide range of transport modes, including freezer transport, refrigerated transport and other transport. Whether you have a large consignment that needs to reach its destination quickly or you want to transport smaller partial loads efficiently, Frigo Group Transport has the solution for you. With an experienced team of planners and drivers and a modern fleet, they provide efficient and flexible road transport in the Netherlands and Europe. Read on to find out more about the different transport options that Frigo Group Transport has to offer.

What forms of transport does Frigo Group Transport offer?

Frigo Group Transport offers various forms of transport, including freezer transport, refrigerated transport and other transport. They offer both full truck load (FTL) and less than truck load (LTL) transport, depending on the size of the consignment, the available budget and the speed at which the goods need to reach their destination. FTL transport is faster than LTL transport and therefore suitable for high-demand goods. If a consignment is too small for FTL, Frigo Group Transport offers LTL and groupage as alternatives to transport partial loads quickly and efficiently. These transport services are available for both freezer transport, refrigerated transport and non-conditioned transport to various destinations inside and outside the Netherlands, with an emphasis on the Benelux countries, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary and Switzerland.

Logistics service provider Frigo Group

Frigo Group is a logistics service provider specialising in the road transport of refrigerated and frozen foodstuffs. With a modern and innovative fleet and experienced and customer-friendly planners and drivers, they provide efficient and flexible road transport throughout the Netherlands and Europe. Frigo Group has been active in frozen logistics since 1973 and has a 22,000 m2 cold store in Nieuw-Vennep. Besides frozen and refrigerated transport, they also offer warehousing, order picking and container handling. Frigo Group is a family business known for its customer-oriented philosophy, in which quality, sustainability and safety are paramount. They specialise in road transport of fish, meat, bread and chicken, among others, and have daily transport connections to destinations in the Netherlands and France.

What is groupage?

Groupage is a term used in the transport and logistics industry. It refers to combining several shipments or freight from different customers into a single load. This is done to maximise efficiency and cost savings.

Groupage involves combining small shipments from different customers into a single truck or container. This allows companies to make the best use of available space and share transport costs.

Groupage offers advantages for both the sender and the recipient. It allows the shipper to ship smaller quantities of goods without having to use the full capacity of a truck or container. For the recipient, groupage means they can receive their goods without the need to order a full load.

All in all, groupage is a convenient and cost-efficient solution for sending and receiving goods from different customers within one transport load.