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Exhausted, stressed or a bad mood? Find yourself some support!

Do you have the feeling that your social battery is just running low? Feeling exhausted and not able to find any direct causations? Or just extremely stressed about work, appointments or all the cellphone-traffic? Of course, it occurs that you are just in a bad mood, and would we even be human if that doesn’t happen from time to time? But whenever you have the feeling that your bad moods, stress moods, tired moods are increasing, read this article! Luckily, we are able to give you some tips and tricks to feel full of life again. 


Don’t make it a secret! 

Maybe you heard it before, but sometimes you just have to pour your heart out! Go see friends, parents, partner or maybe even a psychologist and spill your beans. Tell them why you are not feeling like yourself lately and maybe there is even room for advice from their side. Don’t be too afraid in telling your beloved ones’ what is up with you, when it was the other way around you also would love to help them, right? 


Tired? Not getting enough sleep? 

When not taking a full night of sleep over a longer period, you will soon find yourself in a more irritable mood. You will faster experience stress; will be less excited to meet and catch up with your friends and feeling tired all the time. However the slang might be ‘sleep is for the weak’, nothing is less true. Extra sleep will give you extra power and you definitely need it to find your rest and energy for the next day. When it is hard to fall asleep, you could also think about taking some sleep boosters


Take a nature break

Sometimes, the best think you can do is just taking a break. Giving yourself some free time; turn off that mobile phone and enjoy some time outside. Enjoying the nature and getting some fresh air will help you reduce stress and feeling less tired; which in the end are the biggest causes of a bad mood. Besides, enjoying fresh air will give you a shot of serotonin, a mental substance that contributes to a good mood. Tip: are you looking for a way to get some extra serotonin? You could use ‘Kanna’, which can be purchased by