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Start your day the Dutch way!

Start your day the Dutch way!

Waking up isn’t easy for anyone, right? Well, it depends. If you ask someone from the Netherlands what time of the day they enjoy most, “morning” is an answer you’ll get a surprisingly high amount of times. This is very interesting, because what do Dutch people do that the rest of the world don’t? In this blog, we’ll give you three typical things of a Dutch morning!


  1. Sporting

The Dutch are among the happiest people in the world. They have great health care, but also care a lot about their own health. This can easily be seen everywhere you go in the Netherlands: in the morning, a lot of people go for a run or some different form of sports. Walk into a gym at any time throughout the day and you’ll always see people doing their exercises. It has been proven that going for a run to start your day has a positive effect on your overall performance throughout the day, so it’s definitely not a weird idea to give this a shot yourself.


  1. Coffee

Sporting is very popular in the Netherlands, but this has to be combined with a shot of caffeine to start the day. They are in the fact on average the best coffee drinkers in the world. However, this isn’t very weird: Dutch coffee can be found all over the world. This has to start from somewhere! Douwe Egberts is the most popular coffee brand in the Netherlands, making it a worthy addition to your breakfast for tomorrow!


  1. Cycle to work

When you think of the Netherlands, one of the first things you’ll think about is bicycles. This is completely fair: there are more bicycles than there are people in the Netherlands! Do you want to start your day in a Dutch fashion, then cycling to work instead of going by car is a great way of doing this. This gives you some exercise, as well as it allows you to get your mind off of some thoughts. Cycling is a very fun activity to do, especially if your route to work has some beautiful nature.


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