EU VAT Registration for your organisation?


EU VAT Registration for your organisation? Living in the USA and never heard of EU VAT Registration, these things can happen and for sure most of the people in the USA don´t know what EU VAT Registration means and what the purpose of EU VAT Registration is. I am a typical self-made USA businessman producing and selling, niche, Christmas articles. And everybody who thinks that this is season business, is wrong, in the USA it´s whole year business. Of course the highest revenue is made in December and January is less (but good time to recover, reorganize and relax), but the rest of the month are all about equal. I produce and sell to retailers and re-sellers and we have chains in the USA selling the whole year Christmas articles. The Americans really start thinking in January (as I wrote, time to recover and relax) about the Christmas decoration ideas for December. Beside this I create and produce something unique, Christmas trees in a different trendy color, always in the actual beloved color of the year. And the cloth designer world is great in creating new colors as the new trend for this year. As you know, this is presented in February and I start producing my Christmas trees immediately after this presentation. My “this year color” Christmas tree is a real hype and the market is still growing here in the USA. The color of the year 2016 is pink and even though I really hate this color, I have already more orders as I had in 2015 in October. Some weeks ago I discussed this during a Golf weekend in Orlando with my brother in law, we left our wives in Cleveland, so we could drink a lot and talk about business. My brother in law has a real estate agency and his market prices are 2 Million and higher, the rest he leaves for the poor as he says. I really like him and twice a year we have a weekend like this. Normally in the later evening after enough beers, we start “brainstorming” about businesses. I advised him to start rentals too, of course not below 2.500 per month. In that way he could build up some real estate, while (something I didn´t tell him) he is a good drinker and gambler and he burns a lot of money every month, to create a good pension for the future. And as usual he disagreed, for me the signal that he will do it soon. But men don´t like it that other people tell them what to do, I always react the same to his ideas. He asked me how my business was doing and I told him that I already sold more (pink this year) Christmas trees as I did last year in October. And nobody knows, producing was so easy and cheap and in principle unlimited volumes. He told me that expanding into Europe should make the figures even much higher and spreading business over two continents was also spreading risks. The world is a bit unstable the last years, who knows what happens. As part of the game, I told him that I never heard something stupid like this and we stopped the business discussions (and I am sure he knew the same as I did with him, that my reaction means that I liked the idea). Next day we really went to the golf court and played a match, which I lost. That means that I had to pay the bill for the whole weekend. I complained that I had a bit of bad luck and that, if the ball wasn´t landed in the water, I should have won, but deal is deal – the loser pays the weekend bill (and he had to pay already the last two times). Besides that, I was sure that the Europe idea of my brother in law would bring me a lot of money, so who cares. After we arrived on Orlando Airport to fly back to Cleveland, I called my financial director when my brother in law was in the bathroom and ordered him for a meeting in my office at 7 am. Next morning after a short sleep, but with a brilliant idea, I arrived at 06.30 am at my office and went thru my emails. Exactly at 7 am, my financial director came into my office. I explained him that I came with an excellent idea during the weekend and that this would increase our revenue dramatically. We are going to Europe was what I told him, his eyes showed only question marks and he asked what are we going to do in Europe? I told that we were not going physically to Europe but that we were going to export the “year color” Christmas trees to Europa. He fully agreed to the plan, while he also saw the idea about spreading risks and the possibility of a saturated US market too. We defined the roles for the plan. The financial director had to check all the legal and political issues and I should take care of market research. We gave each other a sharp planning, at the end of the week, Friday at 7 am we should be ready and finalize the plan. Before that, nobody should be aware of the plan. We shacked hands and wished each other good luck. Till lunchtime I was fully booked with meetings and after lunchtime the same. So I decided to cancel my lunch meeting and used that to do some research on the internet. It was easier as I thought, Christmas in Europe is getting as crazy as it is in the USA. One of the biggest players I found, was Metro in Germany. I wrote their contact details down and decided to call next morning at 6 am. Next morning at 6 am, I needed 10 minutes to get the right person on the phone and 2 minutes to convince him, we already had a huge virtual order. Friday 7 am the financial director came into my office and told me all solved, I hired a company taking care of EU VAT Registration and when done, we can move!

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