Cavepromotor UK for your Liebherr WTes 1672


Liebherr WTes 1672 is it you want to buy? The Liebherr wtes 1672 is a perfect and multifunction wine cooler. We have for years only wine coolers, also including a Liebherr wtes 1672. It is clear that we are wine lovers. Despite our large cellar, we fully use it for other purposes as storing wines, we have more wine coolers in the pantry, on the Liebherr wtes 1672, who stands in the dining room, where we also have a bar as connection with the kitchen. It is the eye catcher and there are our good wines in. Fine Bordeaux wines to subtle Chablis and natural different prosecco ´ s and champagnes. Delicious at the bar after a hard day’s work and on the weekends with friends, we enjoy the look on the Liebherr wtes 1672, the content and a delicious glass of wine at the perfect drinking temperature. You feel like King so rich with this in your House. It is a strange but true story. We live all at least 30 years in this House and it’s a good thing that houses cannot ate, the House could many betrayed, what better not go out. Earn our money we already longer, well, flower sales. The beauty of flowers sale is that it is virtually not recession sensitive. With mother’s day you buy for mother flowers, when someone dies, there at the funeral flowers, when you want to create, what good do you do it with flowers, at a wedding there are flowers, and there is always money for. In addition it is in house bare and cold without flowers. And the IRS never know how many flowers there already broken have gone without that they were already sold. We can honestly say, that most of the wines of our collection of the tax authorities have not seen and absolutely paid cash. After our first years be successful with our flower sales, we were able to buy our House, where we are today still happy and satisfied with it. We have the completely decorated as we wanted. Under the House was a greeting cellar, with a nice constant temperature, ideal for ´ at night to save our flowers. Initially we had the basement in thought decorated as a wine cellar, but money goes for the wine, so it was our flower storage. The wine cellar problem solved we with a wine cooler. Perhaps even more ideal, behind the kitchen we had a large pantry where place was enough and then we didn’t have more in the cellar for a bottle of wine and the wine was still on the good temperature too. In this way we could well survive. However, after a while we discovered, that the white roses were not as good when they came out of the cellar. After a while we started to worry. The amount of flowers that we (the tax) had to destroy, because they no longer were good, was suddenly almost as much as the reality. White roses were the nights in our cellar not good to survive. While enjoying a delicious glass of red Bordeaux wine from the wine cooler, at the bar, we discussed this problem. My wife suggested to get the laptop and see if Google could help us further. On the simple question at what temperature white roses could be best preserved, came the reply 8 degrees Celsius. And constantly perfect our cellar was 11 degrees Celsius, which is 3 degrees was too high for white roses. To make a long story short, much of the wine cooler was 8 degrees and the white roses were, like whew according to my wife, stored in the wine cooler. We discovered one thing, the white roses found it delicious and remained perfectly in tact. We could increase the ijzen what, everyone agreed that there is no better white roses existed. The lost space, 80%, of the wine cooler was gone, but was amply compensated by better white roses and, more importantly, a higher ice. Over time and stress about wine on the wrong temperature to drink, we decided to purchase another wine cooler. Life laughed us again, the old wine cooler was now fully set to 8 garden Celsius, the white roses were really perfect and more expensive (so the new wine cooler we earned back soon) and we had plenty of choice of wines at the right temperature. By what what happened to the white roses and what we had learned, we began our other flower species to study and found that the more critical Red Roses also not ideal felt at 11 degrees Celsius. Google knew to tell us soon after that 9 degrees Celsius for Red Roses was the perfect storage temperature. There went a, large, part of the new wine cooler, 80% was set to 9 degrees Celsius and the Red roses had a new night’s sleep. Indeed they appeared to spend the night better this way, they could be really looked fresher and last longer. Hence the simple conclusion, remains thus, save it to 9 degrees Celsius in the new wine cooler, prices increase and investment is quickly recouped. The wine problem came back of course, with so little free space in the wine cooler, the choice of wine on the right drinking temperature much too small and there was only one solution, a new wine cooler and the 20% that are empty was simply came on 9 degrees Celsius. The Red Roses earned ample investment of a new wine cooler back. What we of course just to the tax have passed on, is the loss of white and Red Roses as it was for the “trick” with the wine coolers. Wine cooler number three had been a while in use, until it is discovered that our tulips on 13 garden Celsius better could be stored. The story is actually already known, wine cooler number three, is now the storage for tulips. In the end we are now so far that the pantry is full of wine coolers only for flowers. We decided now to buy a really permanent wine cooler, which is also not in the pantry. It was the Liebherr wtes 1672, and we enjoy there every night.

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