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Liebherr UWT 1682? The Liebherr uwt 1682 wine cooler will not all for that my wines always perfect on the correct temperature be drunk, but also contributes to the beautification of my house. I had for years, in addition to my wine cellar, a wine fridge, until I a while back at acquaintances was visiting that a Liebherr uwt 1682 wine cooler. What is this Liebherr uwt 1682 wine cooler much more beautiful by design as the wine fridge I have, only that’s why I wanted him. But after the acquaintance of mine had explained to me what the benefits were, I was totally convinced. Also my knowledge had besides the Liebherr uwt 1682 a cellar, something that at first sounds as a duplication. In the wine cellar the wines in a perfect temperature for extended periods of time preserved? And really had my knowledge and perfect wine cellar, they lived in Amsterdam on one of the canals in a beautiful old canal house. The basement was an original wine cellar dating from 1650. There was no light inside, only the dimmed lights provided enough light to selecting the right wine, it was really in the summer and in the winter always 11 degrees Celsius and the basement was completely draught-free. A better atmosphere in order to store wines is actually not to think of. And yet they had a Liebherr uwt 1682 wine cooler purchased and there were really thrilled with it. The huge advantage, next to the beautiful design (where every visitor was surprised that anything so beautiful as “fridge” existed), was the fact that every wine out there opened and was served, always had exactly the right consumption temperature. I had never thought about it, I had a small wine cellar, where I place had for as ´ n 200 bottles of red wine. For my white wines and champagnes and proseccos I had in the kitchen a wine fridge. For which I had than a wine cooler needed I thought all the time. The red wines I pulled out on time from the wine cellar and who came on room temperature and as mentioned, for the white wines and bubbles wines I had the wine fridge that was set up on 10 degrees Celsius. OK, the wine fridge was a bit of an old-fashioned device to see and not something you’re proud of, but he did his job. As mentioned, until I was visiting at the knowledge with its Liebherr uwt 1682 wine cooler. I was really a little jealous of the appearance. He started me in detail to explain why he had purchased this wine cooler and stated at the same time the advantages it would bring me. As I said, wine cellar was really perfect for wines, so earlier, he had really no solution (incidentally had the wine cellar a practical disadvantage, the living and dining room were located on the 2nd floor, so there had to be run quite a few steps). But wines had you not to keep (that was a necessary “evil”, if you want to have a wine inventory), but to drink. And drink your wines at different temperatures, while the wines from the cellar were always 11 degrees Celsius. According to him, with me up to 12 degrees Celsius and all white wines, champagnes and prosecco ´ s 10 degrees Celsius. With me, and formerly also to him, came the red wines from the cellar, and had a temperature of respectively 11 and 12 garden Celsius, while the wines were drunk on 18 degrees Celsius (where some heavy red wine, for example some Burgundy wines and DAO from Portugal, even at 17 degrees Celsius). One always speaks about room temperature for red wines, but that dates back to the time that his canal house was built and it was not in the houses warmer than 18 degrees Celsius. So what happens with the red wines that we advance from the basement and let come to room temperature, which are so clearly ´ n 21 degrees Celsius, too hot for a red wine. The famous French chef Bocusse had said nothing so fatal as a warm red wine, better something too cold – the glass is made so that you can warm up the wine simply something with your hands – than anything too hot (cool off with your hands really don’t succeed). The Liebherr uwt 1682 wine cooler fixes two problems in one fell swoop on, firstly, not always the basement to a red wine to bring out timely and on temperature and secondly he has different temperature zones that can be set at the desired temperature. He has 3 zones reserved (and stuffed) for red wines, which are set up on 18 degrees Celsius and 2 1 on 17 degrees Celsius (for the heavier red wines and all the bright young wines). That way, he always are red wines on the exact drinking temperature and at your fingertips. When unexpected visit comes, no problem. At red wines I had the exact same situation as he had, before he had purchased the Liebherr uwt 1682, so that benefit (again beside that beautiful appearance), I would have when I have a Liebherr uwt had 1682. But for my white wines and bubbles wines I had my wine fridge. My knowledge went on with his speech, normally were the white wines, champagnes and prosecco ´ s from his basement so 11 degrees Celsius, so something too hot. That he solved earlier by the bottles for consumption in the refrigerator and in emergency situations (for example, surprise visit) even in the freezer. However white wines were drunk around the 9 – 11 degrees Celsius and champagne and prosecco ´ s are served at a temperature of 8 degrees Celsius. The fridge is usually set to 4 – 6 degrees Celsius, so too cold (and we’re talking not at all about the freezer). It was to be so “play” with wines that were chilled in the refrigerator. And my wine fridge was then maybe at the right temperature for the average white wine, but still too cold for bubbles wines. My knowledge had 3 zones of his Liebherr uwt 1682 wine cooler reserved for these wines. 1 zone on 9 degrees and 1 in 11 degrees for the different white wines and 1 in 8 degrees for the champagnes and the prosecco ´ s. Since a month is my kitchen decorated with a Liebherr uwt 1682 wine cooler and I have the temperature zones exactly as set as my knowledge!


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