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Liebherr wine fridge? Fortunately, my wine cooler does not suffer from the heating of the Earth and he is obedient to the appointment. It seems there really is that the climate is changing, the winter was no winter, Christmas days warmer the Pentecost and now again placed on many water pollution and flooding by heavy rain. All of a sudden, there are also tornadoes in Europe, that used to be really an incident. Imagine wine cooler would get such cures, what happy is impossible, but what would happen then? The great thing about a wine cooler is that you are in different zones different, optimum, temperatures can be set. This allows you to give each wine the perfect temperature to serve, but theoretically also to save. Many people swear by a cellar, a wine cellar, however, forget that (and then it’s been a very good) see all wines at a constant temperature and humidity. This is almost hypothetical because there are virtually no perfect wine cellars, the tour often, the temperature fluctuates too much, there is too much light, etc. All these issues will affect the quality and sustainability of wines (something that you usually only notice when it’s too late, when opening and drinking the wine). But let’s assume you have the optimal wine cellar, a wine cooler actually necessary, of course you have wine lover (and a little wine connoisseur) are, if you occasionally drink a glass of wine, you have no wine cooler and actually not even a wine cellar. We’re going to assume that you have an optimal wine cellar and a real wine lover and wine connoisseur. The constant temperature in the wine cellar is 11 degrees Celsius, perfect for wines. All other matters are not, no tour, dimmed and stable light and no temperature fluctuations. You have spontaneous craving a glass of white wine, however 11 degrees Celsius is really a little too hot to speed up the process, you put the bottle in the freezer. Shortly thereafter comes the neighbor along or you want to help him with the shifted from the marble terrace table. It is warm, so you drink a beer as a reward and after 2 hours to get back home and thinks at all anymore to the white wine. To your wife the next morning upon opening the freezer and a full Uncorked and frozen expensive bottle of Chablis. Expensive wine road. Suppose it wasn’t so run, then the chances are the white wine was not yet on temperature was, or too cold. The trick works, but has risk ´ s and or the ideal is, is doubtful. The reverse, though the chance of broken freezing at least, is true of red wine. Suppose you have spontaneous pull in a glass of red wine, you’re going in the basement and are looking for a nice bottle of red wine, for example a Côte du Rhône. This wine do you drink at room temperature (a temperature of rooms from the middle ages) by 17-18 degrees Celsius. The wine cellar is 11 degrees Celsius, that means you at least 6 garden has to wait on temperature rise and go here no freezer tricks on. And red wine make hot do you only at mulled wine, the wine goes broke in hot water in the oven, microwave, or on the heating radiator. So just wait, there are of course people who then attacked anyway, the bottle should skies, but that time is over. When it is necessary nowadays there are professional tools for every wine lover knows and has.Both examples are still partly there yourself to accept the “victim”, but completely unexpectedly, you get fun, visit and who would like a glass of wine, how do you fix this on. when white wine is the only solution than yet but the freezer and very good monitor and the time at red wine in the cellar, you can quickly run , open the bottle and use the excuse of airing (which you visit of course you still have critically asked why no ontluchtertje). It is clear that this is not the ideal solutions and not the ideal situation. Of course you can in the fridge a small stash of white wine save and then open when you pull gets spontaneously, or unexpected visit. However the temperature and conditions in a refrigerator are not very good, a refrigerator is often open and the temperature fluctuates a lot, in addition it is often too cold. And red wine in the room, at room temperature, store, is absolutely not a good idea. Room temperature for red wine is a term used in the middle ages, when the rooms were still 17-18 degrees Celsius, nowadays is that 21 degrees Celsius or more, not good for wine. Even if the wine you taste it survives, then there is a problem with it. And with your hands a red wine of 22 degrees Celsius to 17 – 18 garden Celsius, really don’t succeed. Conversely it would ultimately succeed, but that in this case is pointless. The solution to the problem of people with (if it is even a perfect), wine cellar is a wine cooler. A wine cooler has different zones, each of which you can set your desired temperature. That means very easy for white wines 9 – 10 degrees Celsius and reds 17-18 degrees Celsius. If there also rosé wines and champagne or prosecco saves is, do this on 8 degrees Celsius. The temperatures are perfect to instantly to be drunk and also sufficient for a reasonable time. Theoretically you could also use wines the wine cooler to keep longer, though he is not designed, there are other wine cabinets for, then imagine one or more zones in on 11 or 12 degrees Celsius. As you notice is storing and drinking wine reasonable depending on different situations, not to influence, just like the real climate. And the climate seems to suffer from the heating of the Earth. All these things are not at a wine cooler. A wine cooler will not affect.

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